Tim Slatter - The Wheel



Signed, limited edition 

60 x 60 cm 

‘The wheel’ by Tim Slatter, an abstract masterpiece that captures the essence of London. Tim's artistic journey began with an Illustration degree at the University of Kingston, followed by an apprenticeship with painter-etcher Piers Browne, overlooking the picturesque Wensleydale.

Formerly based at the Chocolate Factory in North London, Tim's artistic legacy extends to the Palace of Westminster, where sixteen of his etchings are proudly showcased. A testament to his skill and dedication, Slatter has earned the prestigious Brighton Open House Best Artist prize.

‘The wheel’ is a vibrant abstraction of London, showcasing Tim's ability to capture the city's dynamic spirit. Inquire now to make ‘The wheel’ a focal point in your collection and experience the brilliance of Tim Slatter's unique artistic perspective.