Steve Slimm - Spring Creeps


Oil on Board


21 x  21 cm

'Spring Creeps' by Steve Slimm, a captivating painting that echoes the artist's deep connection to the natural world. Hailing from The Black Country and later residing in the Cotswolds, Steve's artistic journey took a definitive turn when he moved to Cornwall in 1970. Under the mentorship of John Miller, painting emerged as a central passion, with periodic encouragement that spanned two decades.

Steve's work has evolved beyond realism, embracing an emotional intensity that is self-evident. His shows are vibrant and mysterious, marked by a profound sense of color and depth. 'Spring Creeps' is a testament to this artistic evolution, capturing the essence of nature with a unique emotional intensity.

Since 2009,  Slimm's art has been a featured component of the UK national Art A-level syllabus, celebrated for his exceptional use of light. Immerse yourself in the beauty of 'Spring Creeps,' exclusively available through Clifton Fine Art, Bristol. Inquire now to make this mesmerizing piece a cherished addition to your collection.