Cat Croxford - Wandering the Arcane Holloway


Acrylic on linen canvas 

126 x 80cm

'Wandering the Arcane Holloway,' a captivating painting by Cat Croxford, an artist based in West Berkshire. Cat draws inspiration from the Berkshire Downs near her home and the enchanting European forests and gardens she explores.

Focusing on the changing light of the seasons, Cat's paintings embody the strong contrasts, rich colours, and natural patterns of woodlands. Each painting represents the beginning of a story, a portal to something hidden in imagination or memories. Cat aims for viewers to step into her paintings, experiencing the vastness of the natural world and perhaps recognizing trees and woods from their own lives.

'Wandering the Arcane Holloway' awaits you at Clifton Fine Art in Bristol,. Your gateway to a connection with nature and art. Inquire now to make this evocative painting a meaningful addition to your collection, resonating with the artist's exploration of familiar landscapes and the magic within."