Tammy Mackay’s animal and bird prints are layered with meaning. Each one represents an exploration of her own feelings and memories, as well as stories about the creature itself. She uses light-sensitive photopolymer solar plates to give her prints detail and intensity, and often adds chine collé and hand-drawn elements.

Tammy studied at Rhodes University South Africa, completing an Honours Degree in Printmaking. Tammy’s work is exhibited widely and most notably has been included in the 2011 ING Discerning Eye and 2012 Bite: Artists Making Prints exhibitions at the Mall Galleries, the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2013 and most recently, the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2014.
A selection of her work is included in MTN South African National Print Collection and further pieces are permanently exhibited at the Greenwich Printmakers Gallery in London. London is her second home and she continues to live and work there.
The work shown here is from a series of solar prints entitled Love [Loss] and Identity using solar plate prints and drypoint.