Sakko lives and works in London, where he creates his internationally acclaimed landscapes and cityscapes. Using oils and acrylics, he applies the paint directly onto perspex, working on the reverse side, so that when it is turned, the image retains the clarity and luminescence of the surface it was painted onto.

His paintings are a unique blend of echoes of his Middle Eastern childhood and contemporary visions of the London he now calls home. The deep blues and golds of his palette are reflective of the shimmering ancient illuminated manuscripts that have intrigued the artist for many years, while his loose, impressionistic style and expressive rendering of skies capture the energy and drama of the contemporary cityscape. It is this juxtaposition of ancient and modern, both in theme and style, that give Sakko’s paintings their timeless quality.

Sakko’s work is widely collected across Europe and has been the subject of many solo exhibitions.