Russell Hatton's work possesses an integrity and professionalism based upon commitment and quality, combined with spontaneity and a desire for exploration.

With an extensive palette and choosing to work 'large scale', Russell cultivates his experiences without limitation. His Contemporary Art is at once, unique, powerful and innovative, reflecting the increasing realisation of his potential as an artist expressing himself in today's progressive art movement.

His work derives from an intensity of colours exploding onto aluminium surfaces. Within the work a language screams dialogue that expresses the artists' innovative analysis of Contemporary Art. Using state-of-the-art materials including pearlescent, xyrallic and candy paints; the paints are applied using commercial spray guns within a 30ft x 15ft low bake oven and throughout the process the work is lacquered and polished for a sumptuous finish.

Hatton has developed an intricate understanding of the materials he works with; thus realising its creative potential beyond industrial use. His extensive knowledge and skill with high-tech commercial paints allows him to create abstract works with colours and a surface never before seen. Using extreme high pressures to apply the paint onto aluminium surfaces, the results are an attempt to control the chaotic, an alarming analogy of his life. Concluding in a finish so sublime that combined with the sheer scale of the work, it creates an illusion of space beyond the realm of imagination.

Sharing the characteristics of other Op artists, Russell explores the interplay between the two-dimensional surface and the appearance of depth and movement within it. The UV stable lacquer that Russell adds gives the painting durability, providing flexibility for both interior and exterior installation.

The relationship with light plays a significant role; it is almost like looking at several different paintings in one. Thriving on natural light, their reflective surfaces bounce the light against their colouration and the imagery. There is a sense of walking into some of these works; experiencing unexplored territory.

Russell's inspiration can be summed up in one sentence "I approach every painting as if it were my last".