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Lesley is a British artist with a impressive list of exhibitions which has her and her work all over the world including the USA, Switzerland, Slovakia, Ireland, Italy, France, Sweden, India and China.

Lesley’s work observes modern day society and through her painting, she explores our complex relationships, transient nature and ‘life purpose’ within random moving figurative groups and our interactions within the space around us.

Inspiration and ideas evolve naturally from events witnessed and viewed in the media, and in society generally, which evoke strong emotional responses in her. As she further explores and expresses these responses to current social conditions, her creative voice starts to appear, and her compositions take shape and come to life.

Perceptive observations of human behaviour, together with Lesley’s own personal experiences, further enhance the emotive narratives of her paintings and often communicates a common sense of displacement, a question of belonging and relevance within our shared urban environments.

Her process originates from drawing, photographic and observational studies of large public spaces, where there is a continual sense of movement within the urban landscape. These studies enable Lesley to abstract the essence of emotion, form, shape, space and colour for the paintings.

Lesley palette is refined and limited, and along with painterly mark making, its helps evoke a greater suggestion of mood and place, thus encouraging the viewer to personally explore, be immersed in and finally make a very personal interpretation of the painting.