Ellis King is a figurative and portrait artist whose paintings explore the experiences and expectations of women in the 21st century. 

Focused predominantly on portraiture of women, King's oeuvre captures the essence of her subjects through poignant and unfiltered moments, drawn from candid conversations with those in her life. Translating photographic references into honest and authentic portraits, her work offers a glimpse into the distinctive stories of each person she portrays. 

King’s artistic palette is a blend of colours and styles, juxtaposing unsettling realism with bold, lucid brush strokes to navigate the intersection of fine and modern art. Describing these marks as "graffiti", she employs a fun, childlike approach that transcends conventional boundaries — an artistic expression without limitations. In this visual symphony, King not only confronts darkness but also delves into the complexities of life, culture and adulthood, exploring its dichotomies. 

Born in 1989, Ellis initially pursued art studies before embarking on a career in charity marketing. In 2019, she rekindled her passion for art, driven by a deeply transformative personal journey. This evolution as an artist is evident in every brushstroke, each piece an inviting exploration through a vibrant, female-centric perspective. Her art speaks boldly, challenging societal norms and compelling viewers to question the world through an authentic feminine lens. Unapologetically assertive, her work refuses to be ignored.