Born 1951 in North London.
Attended Colchester School of Art
Presently living in Wiltshire.
Works in Acrylics, Watercolour, Drawing mediums. Some sculpture.
Works in Private and Corporate collections in America, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and the UK. (including Unilever-Fabergè who hold 9 works.)

"It is the function of the Artist to evoke the experience of the surprised recognition; to show the viewer what he knows, but does not know what he knows." William S Burroughs.

"It is not how much the painted object approaches the actual object, but on how nearly it departs from it, that the whole secret of Art depends." Andrew Lhote.

Clive Jebbett's latest collection conveys a wonderful sense of atmosphere. Although largely figurative, his work has an ambiguity which is both intriguing and mesmerising, inviting the viewer to complete the story. Clive has worked in fine art since 1967 and alongside his painting career he has co-founded the Essex Arts Circus and has been Exhibition Organiser at York Arts centre.