Cat Croxford is an artist based in in West Berkshire, UK . She finds her inspiration from the Berkshire Downs near to where she lives and from her travels to European forests and gardens.

Cat paints the changing light of the seasons, and she aims to capture in her paintings the strong contrasts, rich colours and natural patterns of the woodlands. Her intent is that every painting is the beginning of a story, a pathway or window that leads to something hidden in our imagination or memories. "I want people to be able to walk in to my paintings, to feel a real sense of space in the natural world; perhaps even recognise the trees and woods from their own lives and memories, to be able to relate to the paintings in a way that makes them feel that they have been there, that they know it, that they belong there".

She also enjoys painting floral and foliage subjects, recently inspired by visits to Giverny, France. Whilst these paintings are a lot more detailed in appearance, closer inspection shows an expressive brushstroke still evident and an exciting interpretation of colour.