Amy Magee (born 1997) is a dynamic Contemporary British artist whose creative journey has led her from rural England to the artistic landscapes of France. Known for her captivating and multi-dimensional relief paintings, Magee's artistic vision is a fusion of innovation and tradition.

Magee grew up in rural England and was an avid painter from her early years. Fascinated by the intricate expressions of the human form, she found early inspiration in the evocative figurations of classical masters like Michelangelo and Caravaggio. During her formative years, the boundary-pushing works of artists like Jenny Saville opened Amy's eyes to the convergence of classical figuration and modern abstraction.

University saw Amy's interests merge as she pursued studies in Cognitive Psychology, unveiling the profound impact of visual arts on the human psyche. Drawn to the post-war Abstract Expressionists, her work took on an abstract dimension. Fusing Color Theory with Action Painting techniques, Amy's canvases became windows into raw, unfiltered emotion immortalised in the flesh.

A pivotal chapter in Amy's artistic evolution unfolded in Bristol, a city renowned for its street art heritage and the birthplace of luminaries like Banksy and Damien Hirst. Here, she delved into the world of street murals and spray paint, crafting a signature style that harmonized her early influences with the gritty urban environment. Much like her murals, her canvases took on the character of city walls, textured to mirror the abrasive charm of the streets.

Themes of nature's vitality, the intricate workings of the human mind, and the transient nature of street art pulsate through her creations.

Amy was named UK Contemporary Artist of the Year 2022 (SME Awards) and her work now features in many private collections worldwide.