Rob Walker

Although he is inspired by the traditional still life paintings of the European masters of the genre, particularly the Dutch, Robert has followed a more contemporary approach to his own work, creating a more informal approach to the subject.
While his paintings still feature the conventional still life elements of glass, fruit and porcelain he combines these with a mixture of more eclectic items such as antique furniture, rusting metal containers and objets d'art to create compositions with a contemporary feel.

Robert takes great pleasure in creating a simple composition and transforming it into a work of art. " The simplest object can become a thing of beauty if it is handled in the correct way, which is always the challenge"

Robert was a finalist in The National Open Art Competion in 2011 and 2012, the two years that he entered and has his paintings in collections all over the world.

Robert was born in Bedfordshire in 1963. He is completely self taught.

Bag of Apples

Clementines and Brick

Glasses and Limes

Chinese Pots and Clementines


Turquoise Jug and Cherries

Blue Enamel and Clementines

Cans and Russet Apples