Lesley Oldaker

Lesley Oldaker is a UK based artist working mainly in the medium of paint.

Lesleys career started as a Medical Biochemist, where her empathy and interest in people’s emotions began. But the constant pull of her inner creative steered her to change career path and progress to fulltime study at Art College and fulfil her dream of a career in art.

Since graduating from Art College, Lesley has developed as an artist, to find her individual artistic voice, which expressively communicates her observations of the complexity of people, their purpose and relevance within our continually changing urban societies.

Inspiration and ideas evolve from events seen in the media and in society generally that evoke strong emotional responses. Her perceptive observations of human behaviour together with her own personal experiences, enhance the emotive narratives of her paintings and often communicate a common sense of displacement, a question of belonging and relevance within our shared environments.

Her process originates from drawing, photographic and observational studies of large public spaces where there is a continual sense of movement within the urban landscape. These studies enable her to abstract the essence of emotion, form, space and colour for the paintings.
Painterly mark making and a limited colour pallet helps evoke a further suggestion of mood and place, encouraging the viewer to personally explore and interpret the painting.

Lesley has been painting full time for 8 years and during that period has already accomplished an Invited Artist Residency in China 2013, received Runner-up in Winter Pride Art Awards London 2014, Peoples Choice Award, Bath Art Open 2018, Holly Bush Emerging Painter Award 2020 Finalist and been selected five times to exhibit with Flux, London. She has also been featured in various publications, album covers and books. Her work has been exhibited in London, Zurich, Stockholm, New York, New Delhi, Florence, Bratislava and China, and is in private collections across the world.

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