Feona Ness

Feona is a contemporary artist based in Bath, UK.

Taking inspiration from the environment and the play of light and colour within the landscape, she experiments with composition and Abstraction.

With a degree in Textile Design BA Hons, PGCE and a considerable number of years painting professionally, Feona continues to explore the complexity of Abstract painting.

“I was taken to the Glasgow art gallery at the age of 10 and saw this painting, it made me want to be an artist.

Matisse wanted his paintings to be a source of comfort and joy. By simplifying the shapes and objects in his paintings by heightening the colours and playing shapes and colours off against each other, he produced works that are full of seductive harmonies and compelling disharmonies.

This resonates with me and describes the artistic journey I am still on.”

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Pink Winter Sky

Sunrise - Dew On Frosty Ground

Fiery Sunset