Clive Meredith

Based in Warsash,Hampshire I have worked as a professional artist since 1993 and am entirely self-taught.

The natural world and in particular birds provides the inspiration for much of my art,ive been an avid birdwatcher and observer of nature since childhood.

I have worked with many mediums during my artistic career,most notably pencil work which was published extensively for 16 years and latterly oils in a largely traditional representative manner.

Travelling extensively in pursuit of new subject matter and experiences,it was during a trip to the Far East that I was introduced to a master goldsmith working within the Thai royal palace creating,conserving and designing works for the thai king.I spent some time learning gilding techniques with this artisan and was inspired to try and incorporate precious metal leaf into my wildlife works.
As a result of much experimentation I developed my latest works in oil and metal leaf.

My goal in creating these pieces is to isolate the subject from its natural environment and present it in a contemporary style with a nod to age-old techniques and styles .Focussing on the beauty and complexity of feather form and butterfly wings against a highly decorative background of distressed precious metal leaf and colour.

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Red Admiral

Small Tortoiseshell

Painted Lady