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Charlotte Gerrard

Charlotte describes her paintings as a “joyful celebration of the natural world.” Her work is vibrant and punchy, taking no prisoners on colour.

Charlotte’s recent paintings are primarily of animals that are seen as ‘lower forms’ and by placing them inside vintage ornate frames she is elevating their status into something to be cherished.
The frames are invariably grand and gold and the pieces become revered as treasure. She feels that by reusing existing frames she is not contributing to the production of more ‘stuff’ , but instead creatively reviving what already exists.

Charlotte’s time in India is clearly reflected in her palette and subject choices.
Her renowned works of Indian cows completely lend themselves to her magnified use of colour and experimental ‘rangoli’ stenciling. (using powder pigments and unique gold embellishments)
Recent works show these how these techniques have developed alongside her new subject matters.

However behind the vibrancy lies a more poignant message. Her animal paintings are heartfelt and sincere and she uses them as a vehicle to convey her passion for the importance of preserving their environment, she has spent many years working closely with animal charities.

Storking You

Left Blue Tit

Right Blue Tit