Andrea Allen

Andrea Allen grew up in North Yorkshire where her art studies began with a Diploma in Art and Design at Harrogate College of Art. She went on to achieve a BA Hons Degree 2:1 in Fine Art Painting at Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1989.

Andrea’s fascination with Costume, Fashion and Textiles led her to a career in Theatre, Film and Television that lasted 20 years in London.
A move to Oxfordshire with her husband and three young children in 2012 presented an opportunity to start painting again.

Inspired by holidays in Cornwall her latest collection about the beach used collage, photography and paint to create a narrative about our relationship with the British coastline.

Andrea has gone on to produce a prolific number of works that continue to explore our presence within the landscape - telling stories of ordinary adventures depicting outdoor life in the countryside and by the sea. Her impressions of the landscape are imaginatively vivid and it’s the mixing up of convention with observation that makes her work so distinctive. Deeply felt, the simple narrative conveys subtleties of thought that resonate with us all.

Andrea has developed a unique style - each piece abundant with character, intricate in textured detail and
brimming with rich colour. She accomplishes original artwork that ensures her reputation as a popular and collectable artist.

Over the past seven years Andrea has enjoyed a number of successful solo shows in London, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire and has exhibited at Art Fairs in Hampshire and Oxfordshire throughout.

Lucky Birds

Peachy Beach

Swapping Tew for Chew

Sovereignty Swim Club on Future Island