Amy Magee

Amy Magee is an up-and-coming Abstract Texture Artist and Portraitist, based in Bristol, U.K.

Magee’s distinctive, highly textured paintings gathered attention quickly in 2020; showcasing in upcoming Contemporary Art Shows across Paris, Luxembourg and Monaco and featuring in British VOGUE and a prime-time BBC One TV show.

Her abstract work explores the duality of affective states; juxtaposing abrasive, raised textures with smooth, light-reflecting resin finishes that evoke the depth and duality of mood and sentience.

Each work typically comprises several layers of impasto oil paint, resin, and gold leaf, as well as heavy-structure industrial mediums such as concrete. Her works invite viewers to discover new intricacies upon close observation and are known for their distinctive 3-dimensional, textured surfaces. Her paintings’ unique ability to reflect the light as viewers walk past the works, adds dynamism to any setting - making the works true focal points of statement art.

In the coming months, collectors, galleries and private customers will notice a development in Amy’s work as she begins to blend her Texture work with her Portraiture, in preparation for her first solo show in London - Winter 2021.

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