Angela Melkis

I am a professional self-taught artist born in the Midlands, now living in Hampshire. My work focuses on landscapes, and at the moment I seem to have an obsession with trees.

I am mesmerised by nature, the effects of light against dark, and of how one colour can affect another. At the moment trees seem to be my main muse, and I have a great respect and love for them. Recently I have found myself painting lone trees. Seeing them as personalities, I now realise they are often a reflection of me. I try to capture their stillness and simplicity in a way that engages the viewer to appreciate and look at them in a new light.

At the moment I mainly use acrylics as the fast drying time allows me to play, getting my ideas down quickly as they develop. I work best with no one around. Sometimes I put on music to give me energy; other times the silence helps me to get lost in my painting as I go into my own happy world.

I build up my paintings slowly in many layers, playing one colour off against another while trying to keep the sense of harmony and peace found in nature. The backgrounds and foregrounds are loose, developed with opaque paint that is dry brushed over the rough surface of the canvas or linen. I find this form of optical mixing very satisfying. The main subject is given more attention, and I often find myself having a conversation with them as they tell me how they want to be. Although I try to keep the freedom I had as a child, I also pre-plan the aspects that help me to keep the harmony and interest, like colour pallet and composition. This process has resulted in my work being colourful and naive in nature.

Autumn Dawn


Top Light


September Moon

Autumn Blush

Autumn Yellow

Autumn Rust

Warms Days

Autumn Flourish